“When we allow others to truly see us in happiness AND pain, true connection is born”

– Tammy Cho

Who Is Tammy Cho?

Hi, I’m Tammy Cho and thanks for wanting to learn more about my journey. It is no coincidence you found this page and I know that what you are about to read has the potential to transform your life forever…

After entering into this world with a family of 7 girls, when I was just 10 days old my mother left me and my sisters behind to an emotionally and physically abusive father. I tried really hard to keep my dad and my grandma happy. My ability to please worked well, unfortunately my dad’s and grandma’s affection towards me turned my sisters against me and I was often soloed out. I was bullied and physically abused by my older sister at home and at school. I didn’t develop a lot of social skills because I didn’t have a lot of friends and I stopped going to birthday parties because we could not afford birthday gifts I felt very lonely and helpless.

…And so at that very young age, I thought that the ONLY way to lessen the abuse was to please everyone. I got very good at it and made the Honor Roll all through high school.

In my teenage years, I was so desperate for love and attention, I did anything to belong, even if it meant giving my body away. My gut feelings told me not to go with that crowd and not to agree to do things, but I ignored my own feelings. Because I didn’t listen to my intuition, I was date raped twice and turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and disconnect from the painful feelings. I suffered from depression and anxiety. I often wondered to myself, “What is the point of me being here?” and “Would it mattered if I stayed…..?”

Well, because I believed my grandma was the only one who cared and I didn’t want her to go through the pain of losing me, I stayed.

And I did well for myself, I graduated from university and became a registered nurse, married a good husband, we bought a house and owned real estate properties together and we had a beautiful and healthy baby daughter. My friends told me that I have a great life and should be happy, but inside I felt down, anxious and alone.


I learned to put a strong shell of protection around me and numbed my feelings and my body. I used alcohol to calm my nerves. On the outside of my shell, it showed that everything was good, I looked to be so put together and social, threw parties often, helped with everyone’s problems; but a part of me did not feel good enough and kept on pushing myself to do more for others at the expense of myself (Just to feel good enough.) I constantly felt overwhelmed and unhappy with life….

…Until the day my daughter turned 6 months old.


For the first time my daughter intentionally hit one of the hanging toys dangling from the baby Einstein play mat. The community nurse who was sitting next to me said, “Did you see that?” and I responded bluntly, “Yah, kids do that”.

But the reality was I couldn’t feel anything for my baby daughter; Not even love.

So, if you’ve been struggling emotionally – Perhaps feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or just lacking a true LOVE for life and the world – I’m here for you. And sometimes you can’t see the problem because you’re in it. If it wasn’t for that community nurse pointing out my lack of connection to my baby and awakening me to a new awareness, I would not have even known I was emotionally disconnected to my own baby. Essentially, I was turning into what my mom by emotionally abandoning my baby. This awareness activated a part of myself that said, “I will not do to my child what my mom did to me.” I knew I needed to start getting some help.


From that day forward, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on seeing various psychologists and counsellors, Naturopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I spent even more money on various personal development workshops in Vancouver and in the United States to really focus on mastering the mind. I spent a TON of time trying to figure things out in the mind and at the intellectual level, but I can tell you that the answer is NOT in figuring it out or doing more…

…the answer is to look within and live from the heart.

Because after experiencing that emptiness and unfulfillment, and after learning ALL this psychology training (which DIDN’T work) I was drawn see intuitive healers. I noticed that they can see, feel and understand me. I took a full dive into intuitive healing work and immediately started feeling better about myself. I started taking various intuition courses, energy healing courses and entered the world of shamanism. I naturally had the ability to do multiple healing modalities and it also became clear to me why I felt different pains in my body. I was feeling and taking on all the dense energy from people and patients around me. I was not only processing my own energy….

I was also processing the energy of those around me.


This journey was a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to discover my own empathic, intuitive abilities.

Because of my commitment to change and to no longer accept my life the way it was, I have honed my intuitive healing skills and discovered the missing piece of the puzzle. I discovered that it does not matter how much you master the mind or do energy clearings, because until you actually feel and process through the emotions and release trauma from your body, you will subconsciously block yourself from feeling and receiving the beauty, happiness and purpose of life.


I started this business NOT because I see myself better than others, but because I feel I can help you on a deeper level; I started my business because I feel the truth needs to be spoken over the silence of pain in the world and I’m making the choice to step up and help others break free from this self harming cycle to create a life of peace, fulfillment and self love – The life I know you deserve.

Before I knew this, trying to achieve goals or applying personal development felt like pushing a big boulder up the hill, leaving me overwhelmed, burned out and beating myself up. Now that I released the emotional boulders, life feels in flow and I can love and connect with myself more deeply.

Life is a journey and we are not meant to do this alone. If I didn’t have someone highlighting the steps for me, I would not been able to come as far as I have today.

Today, I am awarded with a deeper more loving connection to myself, my husband and my 2 beautiful daughters. With my open and expanded heart, I am able to receive intuitive messages clearly which ultimately allows me to live my best life – Full of happiness, abundance, joy, fulfillment and so much more. I feel freedom and peace in my whole being and in knowing who I am. I feel SO grateful and honoured that I am now able to support others who were struggling like I was. I am reminded often that I am called to do this work.