Welcome to
Path to the Heart!

My mission is to raise global consciousness through energetic awareness aligned through the body, mind and soul. One Heart at a time.

I envision a world where everyone loves and accepts themselves for the truth and innocence of who they are. My guiding values are Truth, Courage and Compassion.

I empower woman who feel disconnected from themselves to develop a new and deeper relationship within their own hearts so they can feel the confidence and clarity to live their passion and purpose aligned with their own truth, wisdom and strengths.

Meet Tammy

Working as a Registered Nurse for over 18 years, Tammy realized that healing is not only about medications, surgery and symptom management. Her own health challenges and life experiences brought her into her journey through traditional and non-traditional therapies, personal development, professional intuition training, neurolinguistics programming trainings, Reiki practitioner, Bioenergy healing, Shamanism and other energy healing modalities, psychosomatic training and essentially on her spiritual journey.

Tammy is passionate about helping people return to the place of truth within themselves where deep healing and lasting transformation can be embraced. Led by her strong intuition, energy presence and experience, Tammy holds a safe and compassionate space for you to discover the language and emotional patterning of your physical body as well as processing through layers of protection and fear in the emotional body. Tammy’s intention is to empower you to develop emotional strength and safety within yourself deepening the relationship in your own heart.

“Imbalance in the Body is physical disease. Imbalance in the Mind and Heart is mental and emotional disease and Imbalance in Soul Consciousness is the loss of purpose and direction. They are not separate. Body, Mind, Heart, Soul is all one.”

– Tammy Cho

Step Into Your Power

From birth as innocent children, we reach out for love and understanding from adults and the world around them. For various reasons, unconditional love is seldom fully understood and the human need for love is eventually locked away from awareness. And then we spend the rest of our lives trying to find this love once again.

The body mind protects us from being hurt by desensitizing itself from painful experiences so that we can survive until we learn to overcome them. Often this healing is attempted at the mind level with so much time and energy spent trying to find positive feelings through reasoning. Unfortunately the brain reasons and cannot feel.

It our body that hold the emotional history and healing blueprint where the psychosomatic responses have been imprinted and left behind for our witness and discovery.

The molecules of emotions from past negative experiences are held in the body as cellular memory creating repetitive habits, attitudes and behaviors that could eventually become psychosomatic diseases.

The aim of psychosomatic therapy and spiritual intuitive coaching is to locate the source of discomfort or inadequate energy flow created in the body by mental, emotional, or physical experiences of the past.

I empower my clients to learn how to self manage their own physical, mental and emotional bodies where all their wisdom comes from connecting to their own hearts.

Are you ready?